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Green Lantern's Book Of Inventions (dk Readers Level 4)

Consumer Rating 4 Stars
Green Lanterns Book Of Inventions

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd

Author: Clare Hibbert

Green Lantern's Book Of Inventions (dk Readers Level 4) is a must own book. The author is Clare Hibbert and it was published in March of 2005 by Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd. The book is 48 pages long. To buy a copy at the cheapest price, click on the add to cart button on this page.

JLA member Green Lantern looks at a number of with the great inventions that have transformed every area of life on earth, whether in transport, clothing, warfare, communications or energy - from the wheel for the internet. Along the way he introduces his colleagues from the Justice League of America. Some use technologies to help them save the world, other individuals draw on super-powers that human invention can only hope to emulate a single day.


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